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Don't know where to start or need a little more knowledge in one particular marketing area? Schedule a free consultation with us. The first one is on us!

Storytelling Marketing Coaching Sessions:  $75.00 an hour

Your First FREE 30-Minute Consultation Breakdown:

Introduction – Before we speak, we must listen. The first 10 minutes of your complimentary consultation involves listening to your business story. We want to know what makes you different from your competitors and why you started your entrepreneurial journey. Here we will also ask you about your future goals for your business. If you would like to maximize your time, ask us to send you our business story questionnaire.

Areas to Explore –  Once we have identified your business's story and goals. We will explore the areas of marketing you feel will be the best investment for your growth. Perhaps you need an updated website or promotional video? You may be needing more customer reviews or an active blog campaign.  This 10 minutes are dedicated to understanding your business's defined marketing needs.

Strategic Plan – Before we wrap up our consultation, we want to organize which areas we explored were key priorities. This is best done with a strategic plan of what areas we defined as pivotal. In this time we also want to ask your budgeting needs.

Follow-up – Just because the consultation has ended does not mean our relationship is over. In fact, we will take all gathered notes and customize the best plan moving forward. We will strive to utilize your business needs, goals, strategic plan, and budget to build the perfect storytelling marketing plan! 


Your Storytelling Marketing goals start here! Let's start the first chapter in an amazing story!

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