Our Storytelling Marketing Story


YES! You could have seen this one coming!

Every business has a story and we are no exception! In fact, we believe in Storytelling Marketing so much, that we named ourselves after the concept itself.

Storytelling Marketing started with started with a young girl who found herself in Miami seeking a fresh start. This was not just any typical young girl though, Airica D. Kraehmer, was actually a woman who had overcome tragedy after tragedy to rise to the top. 

Once a New York city supermodel victimized by domestic human trafficking she had falls harder than most. After an intense healing journey, Air became strong enough to tell her story to not only empower herself but to empower others in using what is meant to destroy their hearts, body, and confidence as a fueling source for their success. 

Airica D. Kraehmer became an international bestselling author after the release of her contribution book, INVINCIBLE. It would only be a few more months until she carried the title of multiple-time international and national bestseller in over 30 Amazon categories with the publishing of Models Stop Traffic. Models Stop Traffic would be the captivating message how she fought against all odds for her freedom. After this publication, Airica would be asked to share her story on CNN, CBS, and stage after stage. Taking on the title of a warrior instead of victim, she learned the power of a story. 

The CEO would hold positions as a leader of hundreds for project management, sales, and marketing teams for companies like AOL, Verizon CellularSales, and dozens of businesses like Gatorade and Haribo, for marketing campaign management. Knowing her experience in growing up in the fashion and entertainment industries she was able to combine her experiences to start helping small businesses and solo-entrepreneurs be heard above the noise of social media and general advertisements. 

She began working as a freelancer to help small businesses build their website, brand themselves, and even increase their social media following on popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest. She enjoyed the challenge so much she opened her first LLC, Storytelling Marketing. 

Storytelling Marketing took off quickly with the support of the colleagues and freelancers of her previous work environments. From building trust, reliability, and genuine-hearted relationships, no one could say no to wanting to be a apart of this journey. We can only be beyond excited to see what this warrior will accomplish next, or as she encourages get involved in the story! 


About Us: Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing Fort Lauderdale and Miami

Storytelling Marketing is quickly becoming one of the top marketing agencies in Fort Lauderdale for small business marketing in South Florida, and soon will be one of the top marketing agencies in Miami. Why? 

Storytelling Marketing uses small business marketing ideas to create your business story in a way that other large or small business marketing companies, forget. We always strive to think as your small business operates in a professional, punctual, and personal manner.

Owner and Miami and Fort Lauderdale marketing influencer , Airica D. Kraehmer, knew to market a brand or business, you needed to be involved in the small business marketing ideas of her clients. She as a marketing content creator built valuable marketing team relationships from coast-to-coast to present the best marketing talent in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. 

"It started with marketing organically and building relationships with small business owner, freelancers, and entreprenuers. It grew into one of the best marketing agencies in South Florida from there." Airica states. 

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