Talent Services

On-Camera Talent

We have a wide variety of talent available for your production needs. Models, Actors, Hosts, and Voice artists are key to manifesting your story!

Behind the Scenes Talent

Photographers, videographers, directors, oh my! It takes a qualified team and Storytelling Marketing will make sure we have it! 

Ambassadors & Influencers

Influencer marketing has become one of the primary ways to market one's company online.  They are powerful in presenting your brand's products.

SEO & PPC Professionals

The numbers don't lie. Every business needs experts in PPC and SEO to gain traffic, increase ROI, and provide company growth and conversions.

Technology Professionals

Web design and development is the perfect example of art and science. If you are needing to build a website for your company, integrate Shopify, or understand eCommerce we are here,

Branding Professionals

No, those shoes do not go with that belt, nor does that style go with that product. But that is okay because we have the best branding professionals to help discover your business's story.

Copywriters & Editors

Content is king, and keyword rich writing is queen. Our copywriters and editors write blogs, articles, technical works, and creative works.

Publishing Coaches

Reading to write your book? Thinking about independent or self-publishing? How about learning from bestselling, award-winning authors and publishing coaches?

Public Relations Managers

Perhaps you are a little camera or networking shy, but need someone to represent you or your business. We have a smiling, outgoing public relations manager for you!

Social Media Specialist

Millennials and Generation Z have you exploring social media efforts? Having a social media specialist available will help you run campaigns and reach new customers.

Marketing Coordinators

How about keeping it all organized? You have so many campaigns and need someone who knows what they all mean, ask us about our marketing coordinators.

Marketing & Business Consultants

Need just a quick meeting to increase your business or marketing to the next level. We have CEOs and Marketing Gurus on deck!

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