Literary & writing services

Technical, Creative, Nonfiction & Publishing

Ideal for the college student working on their thesis paper or the individual wanting to write a book, but not sure how to start. Our bestselling author team can provide personal guidance as you write your story. Whether writing is in your blood or a struggle of yours, Storytelling Marketing can help you achieve your literary goals. Some of our services include:

Writing Process 

- Manuscript Development

- Literature Coaching

- Accountability Timeline Coaching

- Ghost Writers

- Bloggers & Copywriters

- Book Proposal Writing

- One-to-One Coaching in Fort Lauderdale & Miami


- Technical, Medical, Creative, & Academic

- Copy Editing

- Content Editing

- Reference Reports

Independent & Self Publishing

- Bestselling Author Status

- Pre & Post Publishing Reviews

- Print & ebook publishing

- Graphic Design for Books

- Ads & Press Release Kits

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Literary Services include single papers to entire novels! We even provide ghost writers and bloggers. The goal is to make sharing your story as easy as possible then marketing it for others to hear your message!

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